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For those new to tech and are just starting to gain a lay of the land.
Learn how to add unique aspects in your resume to help you standout in the job search
ATS friendly resume, single column, traditional style
Two column resume with skills section in categories
Two column resume with skills section in proficency categories
My current resume, two column with a little more personality
Single column, more readable and varied format
Summary of available new grad/intern opportunities in 2022
Associate Product Manager (APM) programs are special new grad roles designed to train young top talent to be great product leaders.
The most common interview questions to prep for + questions to ask your interviewers
Practice questions to prep for PM interviews
Ppractice questions to prep for techncial PM interviews
Common PM interview questions
Summary cheat sheet of strategies and frameworks to help you answer most PM interview questions relating to system design, PM vision
Stand out in the competitive PM market. How to differentiate yourself from other job seekers to highlight your value and initiative.
Framework for PM take home assignments in the interview process
Framework for PM take home assignments in the interview process
Youtube video on building a PM portfolio
A story about how Nikitha secured a job as a PM at Google. Reviewing her trials, tribulations and learnings in the process.
LinkedIn is an incredible tool to find and research jobs. But just searching in the jobs section isn't going to give you a complete view..
Associate Product Manager (APM) roles for both internships and post-grad roles in tech and non-tech companies.
Covering top FAQs for cover letters, how to structure paragraphs and a full sample cover letter.
Filled with positions, interview and applications resources for early career Software Engineering and Full Time Developer roles.
A job tracker simplifies and streamlines your application process. In my opinion, a must have to anyone in the job search.

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